Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 28

This week and weekend has been so busy! First of all, I celebrated passing my orange drink test with flying colors with a sweet coffee drink. And then followed it with a black bean and spinach omelet because my iron is low. Boo. But I've got some extra vitamins to help me with that part. Still great news from the doctor. I'm heading into my every 2 week appointments soon. Getting closer.

We also celebrated St. Patrick's Day, friends, charity and the art's. Plus lots of treats. I'll have no more excuses once Lucy is here. What a fun week!

Found this little gem. It's not just me that takes Jude for ice cream....daddy!

Cameron's first day out after being cleared from tonsil surgery. Park, friends and sugar. Whoa!! 

Finally some warm weather. Off to hike and cruise in the jeep with our windows down.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Daddy rocks his old STP shirt and Jude got a new bike, in the perfect color.
We also had a wonderful game night at the Tice's with lots of green food. Thanks for hosting.

The day of STP we had green ice cream and a green bath. Why not?

Jude took me shopping to find a dress for the charity gala Saturday evening. After he approved the perfect dress for me, he requested a ride on a boat, train and dogmobile. Of course sir!

We look good polished up. Daddy and I in our new duds. We went out for a night to the Kiss the Pig Gala in support of Diabetes Research. Thank you again to the Tice's who watched Jude that evening.

Blues Traveler performed at the gala. They were awesome...I was really surprised. I'd see them again.
Jude doing a pretty good impersonation. 

28 weeks

Chicago, Chicago! And all that JAZZ. John got me a ticket to go see the musical Chicago at the Walton Arts theater in Fayetteville. I laughed, I cried, but I mostly sang my heart out. 
Lucy seemed to have a good time too!

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