Thursday, December 16, 2010

This Is Going to be.....Awkward

So, the internet is an amazing thing. You can watch a mouse ride on the back of a cat, you can connect with friends you haven't seen in decades, you can watch television shows and movies, you can pay your bills and do your taxes.....and if you look hard enough, you can find the most ridiculous and morally offensive maternity photos ever to be taken. I give you; Awkward Pregnancy Photos.

I call this one the Cellophane Baptism
"Hey baby, you stand there, I'm going to flex my tattoo, and when I say "THUNDERCATS ARE GO", I want you to jam that beach ball between my hand and face."
(photographer) "Tom I need you to move back. No, farther....yeah a little farther.....that's good. Now crouch down and look creepy.....PERFECT!
"If you don't tell me who stole the top of my jeans, I will blow your freaking head off..."
Tina hoped for a girl, with brown curly hair and cute dimples. Brett hoped for a boy, and silently wondered whether his tanning salon offered a discount to newborns.
Merry Christmas, from the couple you'll never be able to look in the eye, ever again.
Out of these two, who would have thought that HIS shirt would be the one to bust open?
Don't even know what to say here. That is a very naked, very pregnant woman looking at a dude who is leaning on a tire.  Sometimes the truth is funnier than anything you can make up...
The saddest part about this picture is I doubt that watermelon did anything to deserve this

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