Friday, January 14, 2011

Jude Benjamin Bennet

Born January 13th, 1:52pm
7 lbs 13oz
20 in 

He's here, and we are happiest people on earth. We are sitting in our postpartum room, looking out over Lake Michigan, listening to some Avett Brothers, enjoying the company of our new son, Jude.

We went in for inducement yesterday morning at 3a.m., and on the way to the hospital Ashleigh began having contractions! We got settled into our room, and the nurse confirmed that she was definitely going into labor. A few hours later it was time to push, Ashleigh did AMAZING and 45 minutes later we became parents for the first time.

Everything went pretty much by the book. She was able to have a vaginal delivery and avoid the C-section. Induction wasn't even necessary because her contractions had already begun! He was "sunny side up" as the Doctors said, facing towards the belly, rather than facing down. So with some help from the midwife, and A Lot of time on all fours, Ash was able to get him turned over and ready to go. He has some small scratches and bruising on his head from the effort to get him turned over, but he is 100% healthy and 100% beautiful.

This morning he was circumcised and got some vaccines, but right now he is sleeping soundly with Momma. Our first night went well; didn't get a ton of sleep, but who cares! We are here until Saturday morning, when we'll be discharged and sent out to be parents on our own.

Rest assured that we'll be loading pictures and videos on here like it's our job over the next several weeks. Here are just a few for now from delivery and the hours following. Thanks again to those close to us who have provided love, support and encouragement the past 10 months and beyond. We love you and can't wait to share the joy of our little man with you all too :).
Mom and baby just seconds after delivery. They both did amazing.
First picture with the proudest poppa on the planet
The Bennets
Baby JB, at last! Opening his puffy little eyes for a split second for a picture.
A few hours after delivery, and right before we attempted to get a few hours of sleep
My new favorite person to watch Bears games with
Jude Benjamin Bennet


  1. Great photos -- Love the update! Glad to see everyone is doing well. Can't wait to meet Jude!

  2. Well thanks for making me tear-up at work you two!!...jerks. ;)

    Seriously though, he's absolutely perfect and I could not be happier for either of you. I can't WAIT to meet the little guy when things calm down a little for you both.

  3. Hi Kids, I could just cry, but tears of joy just like you Ash in that beautiful picture of you and your new baby boy. And you John holding Jude is so precious, as the pride is just beaming from that smile of yours. You know we love you all. Will call you some time next week after you are settled in. Send lots of love Gramma & Gramps Menk