Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Bennet Pics - from Bella Baby Photography

Things have changed since most of us were born.  They used to do the standard "mug shot" pose for newborns, and now they have professional photographers patrolling the halls of this amazing hospital offering a quick, high resolution photo shoot if you want it (and want to pay for it :) haha). Great job Bella Baby Photography for their quick and professional work!

The photographer had a blast for the 10 minutes she was here. He pepped right up and was giving her his best Zoolander looks. I think I even caught a glimpse of Blue Steele (hopefully somebody gets that reference). He's definitely a "ham", because as soon as the photographer left it was like he knew the spotlight was off him and he started crying. We love him!

Here's a few of our favorites, and the rest can be seen at the link below. Sooooo precious.

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  1. What a ham! He just seems to have a sense for when the camera is there! So photogenic!!