Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last Weekend in Chicago!

As most of you know by now, we have been in the process of moving. That is probably the best reason why there have been no blogging from us this past month. But we're back and have lots of stuff to talk about.

First of all, John got an amazing promotion and the perfect opportunity to advance his career. I'm so ridiculously proud of him...at all times. However, I wasn't sure how to feel about it after he told me to pack my bags because he was moving us to - ARKANSAS. So what's a girl to do? Eat and drink everything in Chicago for the next month!

Stuffed, exhausted and 5lbs heavier, our last weekend came upon us fast. Jude and I had been living in an empty condo (except for an air mattress and pack-n-play) for 2 weeks while daddy was transitioning to Bentonville and I was finishing up my final days at FHN. Daddy came home to help pack up the car and we had some last minute visitors.

Not only did our friends stop by to say their goodbyes...Neil, Sidney, Nick, Brigid and Tyler D, Michelle, Peter and Bella...but so did Aunt Vanessa, Grandma Teresa and Great Grandma & Grandpa Menk. Take a peak at all we crammed into 2 days. Thank you for all the well wishes and wonderful goodbyes. We'll miss you Chicago!

We're ready for our last breakfast at Palace Grill. Look at my awesome outfit from Gpa and ma Menk!

Grandma Teresa! Look at me at the Firehouse. I'm going to miss Freckles. 

Last time in my Chicago bathtub. Where did I put my cup? Grandma...they'll never find us in the closet.

Last time at LP Zoo. Fly me through the water Daddy! 

Look what I can do. Pretty cool...told ya I could do it. High Five Grandpa!

It's been a great ride!

Updates on our moving adventure to follow...once I get the hang of uploading pictures and when we're not in the pool:)