Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Cutting of the Curls

As handsome as he is, and as charming as a curly, sandy brown fro can be, it was time to snip the ends of Jude's hair. As much as everyone loves a good mullett, it's just not as fun when it's your son rocking it. Translation; first haircut time.

It was a tough call; Ashleigh was all for it, but I (this is John) needed some convincing. I'm a little biased though, because my hair is on the way out, while his is only getting thicker. If i'm being honest, he was getting into that 'rat tail' territory where it wasn't so cute as much as white trashy.

In the end, Ash won out, and I must say he does look all the more handsome for it. It's a good thing he's got a good Mommy keeping things in order around here....

Here's a profile shot of the craziness. 
 "What's wrong, Dad? Ladies love my curls...."
 "Awww, snap. This is happening, isn't it!?"
 The rat must be snipped...
 Welcome to Mom's Barber Shop...Come on in, the water's fine....
Collateral Damage

And now the curly mullett is gone....but it WILL RETURN!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Look what mommy did!

Turns out we had an inflatable infant pool from last year we never opened up. Toss in a giant bag of colorful plastic balls and PRESTO!

It's not exactly an infinity pool, but when you see a smile like this, who cares?

As happy as a pig in.....well, you know

Friday, May 4, 2012

Jude's Pants Off Dance Off

Jude has the whole 'walking' thing down pretty well now. Naturally, the next step is to put those feet to work and cut a rug. After a couple of lessons from Mom and Dad, he found his groove and is now a master of the Dance.

He relies pretty heavily on the arm swings, but he occasionally sprinkles in a light foot stomp. He's also got a pretty nice little booty bounce thing that he does. He can thank his momma for that one.