Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Friday Evening With The Loves of My Life

It was just your usual Friday evening. We decided to drive over to the town of Rogers and check out their Third Fridays event with live music on the street and the smell of cotton candy in the air. As I watched John and Jude Benjamin walk hand in hand down the old brick street, I couldn't think of anything better at that moment. I'm the luckiest woman in the world.

And Jude probably thought he was the luckiest boy. There was a little park downtown....And Jude owned it.

My little man crawling around on the jungle gym before making his Daddy chase him around in the grass.

Ouch. ouchie. Why does this hurt. Dad!!! Help me. Something feel like it's caught.

Grabbing a bite of pizza at The Rail. They are so handsome.

Love them. Did I mention how lucky I am?

$5.00 for a blow-up Elmo that Jude adored. Priceless. Daddy and son taking it all in.

I love you both so very much. You have my heart and soul. Xoxo.

A Day with Nature

It was a bright, sun shiny day outside and I thought maybe we should get out of the house. 
After a breakfast of banana pancakes and yet another viewing of the Wizard of Oz, I turned to my little man.

What would you like to do today Jude?

Well.........I was thinking we could go hiking or swimming or just sit in the shade!

You've got it Dude.

Our first stop was War Eagle Cavern. Jude is still a little too small to hike through caves...really he doesn't have the patience for we just walked around the grounds. And found some cool things.

Mom, what's that strange noise? And what are those triangle looking things. TeePees!!

Ahhh......I don't like them!!! Run mom.

After looking through the the gift shop and checking out the swing set, we jumped back 
into the car to go check out another section of Hobbs State Park. But after a photo op of course.

Now if someone could take a picture of me and mommy.....HEY MISTER! Hey Mister!!!!

Thanks sir! Me and the mums really appreciate it.

We stopped inside the Hobbs State Park Conservation Center. There were lots of critters to look at, but mostly it was just a free-for-all for Jude to run since no visitors (except for us) were there. The wonderful lady gave us a great map of the area and plenty of event sheets. And she pointed out the best hiking trails that we'll check out later this fall when the trees turn vibrant reds, yellows and oranges. Can't wait.

Check out this baby deer mom! Isn't she cute. She's so still!

What?! Why would they do that?

Dum de Dum de Dum......What. Is. That!

Off to the easy hiking trail. This doesn't look like a trail at all.

This looks like a road. A very pale, brick road. MOM!!!! 

We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ(arks). I love this place!!!

Singing and dancing this far is actually pretty tough. Not sure how Dorothy and Toto did it.

On the way home we drove by the War Eagle Creek Mill. We hear it's a lot like covered bridge at certain times of the year....checking that out with daddy when we get a chance. 

Over the one lane and very old bridge. Then taking a peak over to look at the mill. We'll be back soon!

After a long day, all a guy wants to do is kick off his shoes and pick at the lent between his toes. 
Overall, it was a very successful day with my baby boy. 
We enjoyed every minute outside with the wonderful earth beneath our feet.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day Tripper

You know that's one of the best opening guitar riffs you've ever heard. As soon as you get those first 6 should be thanking the 60's for The Beatles. But that's not what this post it about. It's about our little day trip around the Ozark Mountains....and us possibly catching some live music.

We took a 45 minute drive through the peaks and valleys of Northwestern Arkansas to end up in the small town of Eureka Springs. We are not exactly sure what to think of this little piece of unusual history. That will require another trip or two without the little man to really get into the underground of this rainbow colored bandana on a biker kind of town. But for now, we've got proof that the Bennet clan did stop for a look-see.

We could start seeing little signs of life in the mountains as we neared the Springs.

Interesting about the name of the area. We'll hike to the springs next time for our own natural healing.

This was a pretty cool area. The street actually splits in half and goes down the mountain or up the mountain...and still 2 lanes both ways. It's time to rethink that a bit. However not just one thing about this town, but the whole downtown is on the historic registry. And supposedly between these streets is the "underground" where gangsters ran their businesses. Sounds perfect for these two gangstas!

Upper street. They are know for their festivals and arts...including Mardi Gras. They have a New Orleans hotel and plenty of themed watering holes with beads hanging from the ceilings. 

This is OLD! Even my grandma just gave up using film...not even sure where she was buying it.

Where the street splits.

The Jazz and Blue Festival was just setting up in the park area. We'll see you guys next year.

We even found a monkey as a souvenir. Cute, but eats a lot!

Really neat mural by our parking spot. Shows all the spots around town. 

And of course, me teaching Jude about his native heritage. Look at these cheek bones Jude.

Update: SINK!

This week leads to great things next week. We have been told that molding will start being put up in the next few days and then they'll begin to paint and stain. WOW. But of course one of my favorite things showed up the other day....Italian made farmhouse kitchen sink. Hello Beautiful.

As promised, here are a few snapshots of the house in progress this week. We've got some tile, oh yeah!

Our doors came in.

Practicing stepping on the stairs.

Covered Patio that looks out over our backyard. Probably one of my favorite things is the yard. 
You can only see half of it in this pic.

Please Note: This is NOT our house. 

But this is a sneak peek at what our fireplace may look like. Our builder has this house for sale 2 down from us, so we have been able to see the kind of wonderful work his crew has been doing. Our fireplace will have white built-ins and woodwork instead of this dark stain. You know it!


Mom...I want a tractor for Christmas.

Please, Please, Please.

Jude, you get a house for Christmas and that's final. Kids these days.

The kitchen granite...uncut. I can't wait to see this by my sink. 

And the bathroom.