Thursday, August 23, 2012

Update: SINK!

This week leads to great things next week. We have been told that molding will start being put up in the next few days and then they'll begin to paint and stain. WOW. But of course one of my favorite things showed up the other day....Italian made farmhouse kitchen sink. Hello Beautiful.

As promised, here are a few snapshots of the house in progress this week. We've got some tile, oh yeah!

Our doors came in.

Practicing stepping on the stairs.

Covered Patio that looks out over our backyard. Probably one of my favorite things is the yard. 
You can only see half of it in this pic.

Please Note: This is NOT our house. 

But this is a sneak peek at what our fireplace may look like. Our builder has this house for sale 2 down from us, so we have been able to see the kind of wonderful work his crew has been doing. Our fireplace will have white built-ins and woodwork instead of this dark stain. You know it!


Mom...I want a tractor for Christmas.

Please, Please, Please.

Jude, you get a house for Christmas and that's final. Kids these days.

The kitchen granite...uncut. I can't wait to see this by my sink. 

And the bathroom.

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