Thursday, August 2, 2012

Road Trip!

Last week, Jude and I decided to take our time on the way to Arkansas. No one rushes around in the we might as well get in the groove already. Plus, I wanted to be a little selfish and hang out with my family for awhile. What is better than family?

So we stayed a week in Mattoon IL with Mamaw and Papaw, beating the heat in their cool pool and laying low for awhile. We had the chance to see almost everyone. Jude and I stayed one night with GiGi where we ran all over the house and even took baths in the kiddie pool! Mommy and Jude got to finally meet baby Liam and see Cara, Dusty and the Blume's. We played out in the country where Tiffany and Travis are building their new house...which meant everyone was there helping, so we got to see Brody and Hunter, the Thompson's,  and the Shoemake's. Jude loves riding around in the golf cart. We even got to see the Waugh's and Great Great Grandma Sims before leaving town. What a jam packed week.

Some highlights from the week was visiting Rockhome Garden's...although it's not what it used to be...and of course the final road trip, accompanied by Mamaw!

Thank you so much everyone for making our last week as Illinoisans fantastic. We love being with our friends and family!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...say Hi Mamaw!

We're so fabulous!

Jude: So you're telling me you have to water these everyday? Mamaw: Yes, everyday. 
Jude: You're going to have to explain all of this to mom or we'll never get anywhere with our yard.

Hello Baby Liam! Thanks for letting us visit.

I thought you and Gigi were cooking. I swear I was going to pick it all up. 
And I don't know who put this paci in my mouth. Shame on them.

Rockhome Gardens! This "rocks".......

Mamaw and Jude in the Haunted Cave. Not scared at all.


Choo Choo! Crawling down the train. Is someone going to put a quarter in this wagon or what?

With our Papaw. With our Mamaw.

Mo? (meaning: I want to jump please). Give me kisses Mamaw...lots of kisses.
Thanks for coming with us to Sullivan Mo. We love road trips with you.

But mom, mamaw got that for me.

Tell you what, you be good in the car tomorrow to our final destination and you can have it then. can have it whenever you want. Foiled with a kiss.

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