Thursday, August 16, 2012

Condo Sold! Time for a Newbie.

We've been busy lately selling and buying real estate. I've had heartburn for the past 3 weeks. Anyway, this past Monday we finally sold the good ole Chicago condo. I knew someone would love those blue and white stripes...that John so lovingly painted for Jude's room. Thanks babe. At the same time, we've gone under contract on a fabulous new home in Bentonville, Arkansas. It has a nice backyard that Jude can run around in while I sip my coffee. And it's in a nice little neighborhood with lots of kids Jude's age. He'll be alright I think!

Since our new home was just being built, we locked it up in time to pick some of the finishes. The outside came along very nicely and the new cabinets really get me excited. We'll keep you updated on how it's coming along. We are so excited to have a house....and more than an air mattress for all of our friends and family. Thank goodness!

Brick completed.

Just a few other details for the outside to be finished.

Driveway and sidewalk complete. Archway over the front door! 

Master bathroom. We'll see whose sink and mirror really do get the dirtiest. 

Looking into the kitchen from the living area.

My kitchen!

John's upper cabinet in the bonus room to hold glasses and chilly drinks for Football Sunday!

Mud area.

Living area fireplace and built-ins.

Laundry Room....go ahead and hum the Avett Brother's song (I am). 

Cross your fingers and within a month we should be moving on in. 

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