Monday, October 29, 2012

Thank You Grandma and Grandpa Menk!

And...The Menk's came for a visit. It was so wonderful to see Ma and Pa Menk. Jude was so excited and has been rocking his Bear's hoodie they brought him. We loved our house warming gifts - a cool name sign for our front yard and a pretty mosaic plate for the kitchen! Most importantly though, it was great to see them before they headed south for the winter. Thank you so much for making the trip. We always have a great time with you.

What mom? They're here!!!!! I gotta change.

Grandpa!!! Let's do this.

Now see, you take one of these little angry birds and flip them like this.

I've got the bloat. Grandma....what happened? Something doesn't seem right.

Mom! My Belly!!!

Grandpa - got your shoes.

And Grandma's slippers. Oh La La.

Our fabulous sign.

Thank you so much...we love you!

Thank You GiGi!

As I said, many visitors to thank. We could have not finished organizing our house without GiGi's help. When she's ready to organize, we work all day and night. I'm still recovering, haha. She helped cook, clean and most importantly...take care of JudeBug while I made this house a home. He enjoyed the extra attention too. Thank you so much Grandma for your help and making the long trip...much appreciated. Glad we got that GPS working again. AND HEY!!!! I actually had the camera ready.

GiGi - this is how you buy things online

See what I did there? I'll get that Mickey Mouse video in 2-5 days after shipping

Thank you for coming. Your my buddy!

Love you. Mommy really, REALLY, needed your help...don't tell her I said that.

Although GiGi helped get this place looking great, 
John and I will do an official completed house post no pics yet.

Thank You Memaw!

We have had many visitors making the long drive down to NWA to help us with our new home....and to see the Jude Dude of course. And we want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all that you've done.

Let's back it up to September (yes I know it's been awhile). We were still in the small apartment in Rogers waiting for the completion of 4505 Chancery. One week out and it was looking fabulous. However, something even more fabulous was going on and we needed to hop on a plane to Charlotte NC. So Jude Benjamin's Memaw made the trip by herself to come stay with little man for the weekend. We showed her all around the area and soon she could get to Krispy Kreme and back in no time (who doesn't love those donuts!). She even shuttled us back and forth to the airport. We had so much fun while she was here that there was no time to take pictures. Major FAIL. But we appreciated the long trip and the goodies she brought for all of us. We cannot wait to have you AND RICHARD come down soon!!! Jude is still rocking his guitar and hammering nails.

Wait - proof:

Memaw and Jude checking out the guest bathroom. YAY!

Did I mention something fabulous in NC??? Oh yes. Some of our best friends, the now Kerri and Jordan Vardon, were getting married. The ceremony was beautiful and the dancing was non-stop. We are so proud of them! John and Joe Williams played "September Wedding" (a few words were changed from the Avett Brothers Song - January Wedding - for the occasion) during the ceremony. I was so moved...those two sounded absolutely wonderful. And you all guessed it, we (me) again forgot the camera/video camera. Cassidy had us covered, but after the long trip from Illinois, her camera was dead too. Darn our luck. But we sure tried. Thank you guys for letting us celebrate with you!

Luckily - Photo Booth:

Thank you so much!

MUAH......We Love You!!!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quick house update.

We've been in the house a little over a week now and we love it. My kitchen is set up, so I can cook for  the masses and offer wine when the neighbors stop by. But before that, we had our first dinner.

Papa Johns...and I'm not talking about Mr. Bennet.

Most of our furniture has been delivered. The downstairs couch is really nice. The upstairs couch had to be sent back because it couldn't fit up the stairs. And this causes the first house repairs we get to do on my brand new walls, ugh. However, we got a smaller couch with a pullout mattress making it much easier to host even more people! Our dining chairs are put together and waiting on the fabulous table. Plus we got all of our beds!! You can tell I really missed my own bed.

It's possible that I may have been passed out from moving.

Heavenly showers. My waterfall shower and jets were just what we needed after a long day of moving.

And then there is the master bedroom. Somehow it became the center for everything that didn't have a home. Most importantly Jude's playroom. As you can see, he is having a blast with all this space.

There were about 300 of these is our garage at one point. Everything is unpacked and the boxes are all gone, but it's going to take us awhile to get all of our goodies in the right spots.

It sure feels good to be home though.