Monday, October 29, 2012

Thank You GiGi!

As I said, many visitors to thank. We could have not finished organizing our house without GiGi's help. When she's ready to organize, we work all day and night. I'm still recovering, haha. She helped cook, clean and most importantly...take care of JudeBug while I made this house a home. He enjoyed the extra attention too. Thank you so much Grandma for your help and making the long trip...much appreciated. Glad we got that GPS working again. AND HEY!!!! I actually had the camera ready.

GiGi - this is how you buy things online

See what I did there? I'll get that Mickey Mouse video in 2-5 days after shipping

Thank you for coming. Your my buddy!

Love you. Mommy really, REALLY, needed your help...don't tell her I said that.

Although GiGi helped get this place looking great, 
John and I will do an official completed house post no pics yet.

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