Monday, October 29, 2012

Thank You Grandma and Grandpa Menk!

And...The Menk's came for a visit. It was so wonderful to see Ma and Pa Menk. Jude was so excited and has been rocking his Bear's hoodie they brought him. We loved our house warming gifts - a cool name sign for our front yard and a pretty mosaic plate for the kitchen! Most importantly though, it was great to see them before they headed south for the winter. Thank you so much for making the trip. We always have a great time with you.

What mom? They're here!!!!! I gotta change.

Grandpa!!! Let's do this.

Now see, you take one of these little angry birds and flip them like this.

I've got the bloat. Grandma....what happened? Something doesn't seem right.

Mom! My Belly!!!

Grandpa - got your shoes.

And Grandma's slippers. Oh La La.

Our fabulous sign.

Thank you so much...we love you!

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