Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Family Halloween Costumes!

We hope you had a fabulous Halloween. Ours was very special this year. First of all, we dressed up together for the first time. Not just as a family, but I actually got John to participate in "matching" me...and Jude of course. As of tonight, we've been together for 3 presidential elections. WOW. I still hadn't convinced John to dress up as a couple these past years? AND Halloween is my favorite holiday! Come on John.

Anyway, John was the best scarecrow I had ever seen (and created). 

Jude found out about a little movie called Wizard of Oz when his Memaw played it for him one visit...and every visit after. That was that. He has every dance scene down, from the lollipop guild to the scarecrow to the tin man. Jude is pretty amazing. So what else would we be for Halloween.

We present you....Wizard of Oz - Bennet style:

This particular day we went over to our subdivision Halloween Party. Jude played all the games and had fun with some other little goblins. And, unbeknownst to us, there was a prize for Best Family Costume. Can you guess who won?

This family!

I say it's because of our adorable little lion.

Next up...The Goblin Parade. On Halloween there was a trick-or-treat event downtown Rogers for little kids. It starts early so the tiny kids can go out in the daylight and in a safe environment. LOVELY! We took complete advantage of it. Jude hopped to the front of the line and trick-or-treated the candy out of the downtown square. He tried saying trick-or-treat most of the time, but always said Thank You (dank eww). He even got to eat candy this year.


Mom...I'm trying to open my toothbrush!

Love this little lion boy!

Come on Dad, there is a lot more candy to get.

Monkey Photo Bomb!


What a great day with the family.

Choo Choo!

And look who we ran into - a familiar looking dragon. 




.....is delicious.

And at the end of the day, we handed out candy from the comfort of our home. Jude loved it. He was chasing kids out the door with candy in his hands, trying to give them more. They were just scared. ha.

I did a little decoration with Judebug's input. Turned out pretty good for our first year.

Mickey Mouse Pumpkins

Jude Dude and our spooky house

Tearing apart the pumpkins for some awesome glow sticks!

Creepy bush and a milky ghost. YAY!!!!!!