Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So Long, Sofa

John goes back to work tomorrow (sigh), so it's just Mom, Max and Baby holding the fort for the next few weeks. It's been a great first couple weeks with the whole family at home. Unfortunately, with this cold Chicago weather, we've had to spend most of it inside. Because of that, we've become extremely close with our couch. Here are some images that we feel capture the close bond we've developed with this wonderful piece of furniture.

Sometimes it was just Mom and Jude hangin out, watching TV
And sometimes the whole family got together, ate some pizza....and watched some TV
Here the couch shows it's versatility, serving as an area to peel and prepare fresh fruit
And here the couch serves it's ultimate purpose; absolute comfort
Here you see the beautiful view from the couch, truly breathtaking
The couch is a great place to squeeze....
.......and snooze
And after a long day, sometimes you just need to be alone, and the couch is perfect for that too!
So Long, Sofa, it's been great! Gotta go make that Money!

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