Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Shower to Remember...and the BEST FRIENDS and FAMILY!

Sitting here on my yoga ball bouncing....trying to do anything to get this little boy out....I'm thinking of what it is that I haven't done that Jude could be waiting on. He's already challenging me! Got the stroller. Got the diapers. Got the books, the clothes, the baby gadgets. Got the pictures to prove it. A-HA Moment!!!

I've got the Thank You's out, but haven't blogged about the most AMAZING PEOPLE and the wonderful CELEBRATIONS held for John, Jude and myself. And I thought he was just waiting for me to get that mani/pedi the other day. Well I checked that off just in case anyway:)

In October, one of my best girlfriends, BRIGID, threw Jude and me the prettiest baby shower. Friends and family came from all over Illinois and even Wisconsin. I could not believe it. Number one....It was the most gorgeous shower out in the middle of a wine vineyard. Seriously?? YES. The Mackinaw Vineyard to be exact. Although it rained all the way there, it cleared up just for Jude. IT. Was. Perfect! Number two...seeing all these wonderful women travel just to see me??? I am truly blessed.

Besides the setting, the food was fantastic. In keeping with the fall/pumpkin theme, Rachel made these amazing little pumpkin whoopy pies and sweet pumpkin dip. Oh lord those were delish! And the cake!!! Brigid and Kay Devries know of this bakery who make these cakes that I could just roll around in. So pretty...but so yummy. I ate on that thing for weeks. Let's not forget the decor. Teresa made these cute booties filled with candy and a pumpkin coach for my fancy table. Pumpkins and signs for the baby where everywhere.

I must share a special THANK YOU with Brigid, Kay, Rachel, Jennifer, Teresa, Kim and Julie for making this such a special day! AND everyone for helping us get ready for the arrival of Jude. He has everything he could ever a couple fun and adorable things to keep him as POSHY as his mama.

The spread. SO DELISH!

Me enjoying the spread.

Jude is a lucky man. Still cannot believe all his wonderful gifts.

The hostess Brigid, Jude and myself.

Some good looking women!

Grandma, Great Grandma and 2 more of the coolest people I've ever known.

The best girls ever!

Mommy, Daddy and Nanny Nessa. We are so happy to have her in our lives.

Plus a few gifts from AMAZING friends who couldn't make it. It's so exciting to get gifts in the mail. Thank you so much.

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  1. Hey! I see Dunkin coffee in the background...we need to talk about this.;) Looks like it was fun, lots of cute gifts!