Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Anticipation.....Keepin' Us Waitin'

Well, it's been a quiet start to the new year for the Bennet's. Normally that would be A-OK with us, but since we're waiting on a very important arrival, quiet is not necessarily a good thing.

We're looking for squealing, coo-ing, grunting and maybe even some crying. No, I'm not talking about Ashleigh on the treadmill, I'm talking about JUDE in his crib!

He'll be here any day now, but it doesn't look like he's too eager to join us in this COLD January weather. Can't really blame him though; high of 29 degrees today, and 20 more tomorrow. The forecast in Ashleigh's stomach; warm and damp, with a chance of a giant veggie burrito passing over head about 7:30 this evening.

Kidding aside, we visited the Doctor's office again today, for the LAST TIME! Ash got a sonogram, the baby had a stress test and our Doc took one last peek to see if there was any change.....not much. So, we wait...and wait some more. The good news is he is perfectly healthy. So perfect that we figure he may as well come right on his due date, which would bring a new meaning to TGIF.

If, God forbid he does not come by next Thursday (Jan 13th), we will induce, and Jude will come into this world whether he wants it or not! Coincidentally, he will also be grounded until he is able to understand what that means for making us wait so long.
hooked up to the baby heart machine thingy. His heart was healthy, beating like a tiny drum!
"Gifted" is right! There is a healthy little man in that belly, but the real gift will be when we can hold him!

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