Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Very Wrigley Christmas

It was a rainy and cold last night in Chicago, but inside the Field Museum you'd never know it! Last night Wrigley had their annual Christmas Party for associates. This year they rented the entire Field Museum for the occasion. They decked it out with Wrigley colors, brands and products and put on an amazing event for everyone. This was our first time attending, as we've always been out of town or had other things going on, but not this year!
We carpooled to the event with our friends/neighbors/co-worker Neil and Sidney. It was a great night to introduce Ashleigh to many of the Wrigley folks she only hears me talk about, not to mention a great opportunity to check out the amazing Field Museum for free! And as usual, we never miss an opportunity to take some great pictures (lots of them). Enjoy...
the Posh side of Pregnancy. Wowza, mamma!
Sneaky Ash getting in on a picture of Neil
The Great Hall; live band playing off to the left, Elephants and T-Rex enjoying the action in the background.
John and Neil
Ash showing some "Flare" for the decorations after a little bite to eat
Ashleigh and Sidney enjoying the party
Question: What's better than a cookie? Answer: A cookie lollipop. 
Sue the T-Rex. She's pretty cool, but you get a few drinks in her and she'll talk your ear off.
Who wouldn't want their picture taken with a guy dressed as a toy soldier on stilts?
Ashleigh, JB and Sue
Not sure what Ashleigh was going for here. It's part Barker's Beauty, part Maternity Supermodel, part Wrigley spokeswoman. Whatever it is, I love it.
this picture needs no caption
still no explanation necessary.
And, the last picture of the night on the grand staircase. What a great way to spend a Saturday night!

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