Friday, December 31, 2010

Comfy Christmas in the Condo

Well, one week to go until Jude's due date, and still no indication that he's going to come early. Which is a bit unfortunate for us, because aside from running errands, we're pretty much just hanging out, hoping Ash's water breaks (seriously, our mattress is covered in plastic sheeting and she's not allowed on the couch.....just kidding).

All in all it was a fantastic weekend. There was a lot of eating, A LOT of laughing, and a lot of hoping for Baby JB's arrival. We played Catchphrase and some Wii Bowling and Rock Band in the evenings. One afternoon we headed downtown to the German Village in Daley Plaza (try the apple rings..mmmmmm), and ordered in some Gino's East pizza for dinner. We also got to check out Marshall Fields (now Macy's) decorated for the holidays, spectacular as always. Finally, we checked out the Lincoln Park Zoo and their Zoo Lights feature, a first for us and a pretty cool Chicago tradition.

In the end, we sent everyone home with cars full of gifts, but still waiting for the ultimate gift; a new Grandbaby. All we can say is; nobody wants him here more than us,  but it would appear that the first thing he'll inherit is his mommy's stubbornness! We hope everyone had a great Christmas, and have a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve tonight!

Now, here are a bunch of picture highlighting our weekend, and at the end a funny video of the musical folks in this group:

Downtown Christmas Eve Fun
The Great Christmas Tree at the Daley Center
it was a wet, snowy day but we got to check out the German Christmas Village. Hot cider, fried apple rings and lots of overpriced goodies!
The three generations (Kim, Ash and Lee Ann)
Grandpa Richard

Checked out Macy's, where Richard snagged a last minute gift, and the rest of us warmed up
State Street
Christmas Morning!
Ash getting in on a picture of Nanny Nessa (Vanessa, John's sister and our nanny-to-be)
The combination of fun, excitement, Christmas spirit and exhaustion had Ash in a state of disarray midway through the present opening....she powered through and opened the rest of her goodies though :)
Sporting the new hat and scarf (blue and orang of course) that Teresa made. Pretty sharp!
This is one of those books where you can read it aloud and record your voice. Kim recorded her voice reading Frosty for Jude so that he'll be able to have his Grandma read him a book anytime of the year. Very cool.
Books, books and more books!
Kim stayed cozy during this comfy condo Christmas.  I think Tim Allen is checking her out here, too...
Jude will be stylin' and profilin'
Definitely didn't do it on purpose, but I'm starting to think we subconciously named Max after the dog on the Grinch.
Game Time
Wii Bowling. Rumor has it Kim bought a Wii about 11 minutes after they left our place. 
Catchphrase! Notice Max really living the rough life when Kim is around..
Lincoln Park Zoo Lights
The Lincoln Park Zoo is always free to check out, but during the Holidays they go crazy with decorations and lights. It was a great way to wind down the Holiday. Seeing 900lb gorillas pick their nose and eat it over a hot cup of cocoa really screams Christmas Cheer!

Best Tree Ever
Lee Ann, Ashleigh and Kim
John and Mom

And finally, a video of the Beatles Rockband fun. A little bit of a surprise ending to this song for some of the band members!

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