Friday, December 10, 2010

Just Strolling Around Chicago

First of all, RECAP!!! It may have been a few weeks, and we may have had SO MUCH FUN that we forgot to take pictures, but we had a fantastic Thanksgiving at Mamaw Kim and Grandpa Richard's house. It was nice and quiet.....we actually cooked and ate in our pajamas. Who does that?? We do!!! Max got to hang out with Skyler and Gunner, PLUS he may have been lost for a good amount of time in the wild streets of Mattoon IL. But he's all fine and got to come back home and hang in his pajamas as well. Yes...he still loves those pj's!

Besides seeing family for a few days, Ashleigh and Kim got out and did BLACK FRIDAY. Tons of deals and steals. No kidding. Shopping from 4am until getting home at about 11:30pm that night. It was fun, but it may have been the last one for awhile. We could blame it on Jude's arrival, but pretty sure that it's because of the lines that began so early in the morning. WOW! Dare I say that we went out the next day for more shopping?? Well we did!!!!

We celebrated John's 28th Birthday by shopping our socks off and eating some Olive Garden. Soup and Salad!! YUM. Mamaw Kim decided that she needed a few more things to finish off her Xmas list for Jude too, so before heading back home to Chi-town we went to our favorite store....TARGET!

AND.........MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS!!! Jude is all ready for coming home from the hospital in the fly-est carseat in Chicago, as well as strolling the parks and checking out the little lady babies! Thank you MOM for making this a great Thanksgiving and for getting us this amazing TRAVEL SYSTEM!!! Doesn't it look amazing??

And a little preview of the nursery!
A few more things and it'll be all ready for Baby Jude.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts and love sent our way.
We have the best friends and family!!!

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