Tuesday, December 28, 2010

for jude (a poem from daddy)

Great things have happened, and I have not cried,
but describing the feelings you’ve created inside,
impossible till now, miraculous some how,
surely there is something greater than pride.

But as your mom laid our future into my hand,
honest concerns challenged me as a man,
to shape an existence, challenge resistance,
and test the responsibility our lives can withstand.

Questions arise and doubts fill my mind,
I can be a good father, but can I be one in time?
with so much to teach, and your hand within reach,
is there no perfect childhood that I can design?

I’ve had time to think about the life I have lead,
it’s easy to look back at “what I should have done instead…”
dreams will come true, but failures will too,
and none of it should ever go to your head.

Mistakes can be made, if lessons are learned,
in life you’re bound to burn and get burned,
keep the highs below the sky, let the lows pass on by,
you’ll find you deserve the things that you’ve earned.

I can’t wait to see the risks that you take,
my bad habits you inherit and the knees that you scrape,
whatever you’ll be, is just fine with me,
remember happiness comes from the decisions we make.

So with all of the doubt I may have let in,
comes the truth; I can’t wait for your life to begin,
with you as my son, my life has begun,
and my face aches from this nine month grin.

Your mom and I will give you life, and a world for you to see,
you’ll learn the values we instill, and the love of family,
I promise as your dad; the good will outweigh bad
not the greatest of all men, but the greatest I can be

Love, Dad


  1. You're the most amazing man. Love "for Jude"....love!

  2. Thanks baby, love you too. You are one tough cookie and I can't wait to get that baby out of you!!

  3. Well this made me cry! Wow that was simply beautiful..congratulations you two!