Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Busy Week 32

The Bennet's started this week with a bang. At a moment's notice, we jumped in the car and headed north to Illinois to see some family. Sometimes doing things last minute make for great memories.

31 Week Belly Shot. Everyone's invited!

Jude catching up on emails in the car. He's such a good traveler.

Our first stop to see Grandpa Bennet at the farm. Jude got to climb the same tree his daddy did.

The next stop was Grandma Menk's house. 
Jude and Grandma played cars all night and then checked out the Peoria Zoo the next day.

It was a gorgeous day to enjoy some animals! We also stopped by Eureka College...where it all started.

It had only been a week since Cassidy brought me cheesecake for my baby shower, which I dreamt about every night. She had another one waiting for me. Salted Caramel. O.M.G.

Joe and Cassidy hosted us one night during our travels and the kids played the whole time. Juliet and Jude got to go to a helicopter egg hunt. It was incredible. Jude had 1 egg in his basket and Juliet only got a few more. So although the helicopter was cool....Joe and John made an even better egg hunt in their backyard for when the kids came back home. Those Daddies are the best!

Friend pictures!! Jude and Juliet are double trouble. 
And we got to see the Girdler's!!! Look at how big these boys have gotten. Jacob is such a stud.
We also got to see Cameron Williams and baby Mady Girdler. What a great time.

Congratulations Dillon!!! We were lucky enough to make it to his wedding reception. It was a blast and the kids had a wonderful time. Lots of dancing and singing going on. Everyone did a little karaoke. 

There was a table of cupcakes. A HUGE TABLE!!! Here's what happens when you have a huge table of cupcakes. Jude devours one of the many flavors. Ashleigh sits directly in front of it all night...and eats every flavor. Jude never comes down from the sugar rush...he's in a bubble rave.

All the grandchildren were there!!! How awesome. Congrats again you two.

Like Father, Like son. I'll go on a quick trip with these two anytime. 

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