Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Big 3-0

We've made it to 30 weeks. Lucy is kicking non-stop. And by that...I mean she wakes me up in the middle of the night already by rolling and rock-punching. And since we have 10 weeks or less left to go, I've been doing some projects for her room. John and I are really pleased at how her room has turned out so far. Her furniture is all put together and in place. We even cleaned the closet out this week. Lots of things to wash and check before little girl arrives. Much needed progress has been made. Cannot wait for my baby shower next week!! Little things to fill her drawers. So exciting!!!

Crib, dresser and rocking chair to go along with John's amazing woodwork. He also made me a set of bookshelves out of a pallet. We've got her name on the wall underneath her homemade puffs (pat myself on the back) and diamonds in the sky.


Cleaning Lucy's closet and room. Jude decided to practice for little girl. He got all his "babies" and blankets for them while holding them on the Boppy Pillow. Sweet child of mine.

Here is her butterfly ombre heart for the wall. A few nights of Breaking Bad and it was complete. I'm working on another painting that will go next to this piece where the butterflies will land.
Give me a pinterest project worth $165 and I'll make it for $7. 

Since I've been doing art projects, Jude thought he needed to be involved too.

So while we are doing the baby room...why not spruce up the house a bit. Let me explain:) Jude loved shoving the long fluffy wool rug in his mouth as a baby AND he and his buddies smash cherrios down into it and I cannot get all the crumbs out. Since daddy is having a little Princess, it was pretty easy getting him to say yes to a new rug that I can vacuum over and that doesn't shed. We all love it.
It paid for itself the first day when we had a playdate with cherrios, sand and chips. Vacuum, done.

30 weeks and counting.

I love these guys!

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