Thursday, April 24, 2014

33 Weeks and Easter Weekend

33 week appointment at the doctor's office...waiting patiently. And haircut time before our road trip.

We packed our bags for another weekend road trip. This time to celebrate life in many different ways.
Thank you to everyone who has been so wonderful to our family over the last two weeks.

Good Friday we traveled back to Illinois to pay our respects to Great Grandpa Bennet. He was a fantastic man and lived a nice long life. We were excited that Aunt Vanessa and Mike made the trip too. Jude was very happy to see them. It was nice to see friends and family that evening...very special.

We completed the evening with a dip in the pool and hot tub to relax a bit.

The next morning was beautiful. Thank you again for all your well wishes.

Easter Sunday we celebrated with Mamaw and Papaw. The Bunny found us in Mattoon IL.
I don't think he brought enough angry bird gear though, ha.

We planted jelly beans...that grew into flower suckers. Amazing!

We hunted easter eggs...again.

We even found Gigi at the Tuscola "castle" park. 

It was a great day to cook out and let my stretchy skin get some sun. First burn of the year.

Since we always forget to take pictures with these fine folks, 
we jumped at the chance when we remembered the camera for once. 

Angry bird Easter Eggs. Jude seemed to really enjoy it. 
Thanks for hosting us for Easter. It was nice to finish our trip with a relaxing time at your house!

Let's also wrap up our Easter Weekend with a few pics from our bunny playdate at the Post's 
house. A big thank you for inviting us all over to dye and hunt eggs, make cookies and cookout. 
The kids had a blast.

Happy Easter to all!

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