Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lucy's Baby Shower - 31 Weeks

We want to thank all of our friends and family so much for helping us celebrate Lucy Leigh. It has be overwhelming to say the least....but who has better friends and family than us??? 

I was so surprised to have my Arkansas ladies throw me a second baby shower. To tell you the truth, I had know idea people did that for the second or more children. However, they wouldn't take NO for an answer and I must say that a baby girl shower was so much fun. PINK!!! Ashley Post, Stephanie McElroy and Laura are the best! The shower was amazing. I had beautiful flowers, Lucy's "diamonds" sprinkled everywhere and a brunch set for a princess. They outdid themselves and I couldn't be more thrilled. 

Also, there was a lot going on around town that day - the half marathon being one. Many of my girlfriends were either running or volunteering that morning, I couldn't be more proud of them all, so I was extremely surprised when most of them popped in for a bit to tell me congratulations and bring me goodies. It meant so much to me. AND, my best lady friend Cassidy traveled down from central Illinois just to see me on my big day...and bring me cheesecake. No one had a better 31st week during pregnancy than me. 

I seriously cannot thank my friends and family enough. I love you all so much!!!

31 week pic - with my best boy

Is this not amazing?? My favorite flowers, brilliant diamonds and food....yes!!

Ashley made me a diaper cake. It makes me so happy...and the boots are to die for. I cannot believe all the gifts I received. Lucy is so spoiled. Not only did my friends come from all over, but I was surprised by a few gifts from out of state. I opened a few gifts from mamaw and papaw sent to Ashley's house as a surprise. Are you kidding me??? Nope. I'm surrounded by awesome people.

Real cute pics of me opening gifts and Jude opening his big brother gifts after the shower. 
He thought that was pretty cool! 

Cassidy, Ashley and Stephanie. There are no words...You're generosity and friendship blow me away.

Let's also discuss a surprise baby shower for John and his co-workers from Wrigley. What?! John's boss and co-workers, Kevin, Brenda and Tom, put together a shower for all of us expecting families. THE. BEST. They had some cake, Olive Garden (oh yes!!), and gifts for all of us. It was such another wonderful surprise. Jude obviously enjoyed himself and made some friends.

I don't have pics yet of all the fantastic gifts I've received in the mail, but I want to shout out thank you to those of you who have sent Lucy really special things. You're amazing.


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