Friday, February 28, 2014

Weeks 25-26 - St. Louis Trip

As you all know, this winter weather has been interesting. Northwest Arkansas just had a week of close to 60 degree weather. But of course it was followed by winds that could knock Al Roker down (He's my favorite part of the Today show by the way) and more ice and snow this weekend. We get it Mother're angry.

Anyway, we took advantage of the sunshine by borrowing a strider bike from a neighbor so Jude could start practicing for the summer. I must say, we will probably be getting one soon because he's really enjoying it.

Super Man? More like Super Awesome.

Then came the wind and rain. Jude missed Mamaw and Papaw and vice versa, so we decided a road trip was necessary. One of our favorite bands, The Avett Brothers, was playing at the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis, Mo.....on the way to Mattoon, IL. We were fortunate enough to have M&P pick Jude up in STL so that mommy and daddy could have a date night. Jude got to go play with some of his favorite people and I could sit back next to Mr. Bennet and relax to some good music. Win-Win!

John booked us a fantastic room at the Union Station Hotel. It was so pretty inside.

We found some great food spots. Dinner at The Bridge and milkshakes from it's sister restaurant. 

The Avett Brothers at the Peabody. They were on point as usual and the new 
renovated opera house's acoustics were phenomenal. We'll go back anytime. Lucy enjoyed it too.

We did some shopping at Union Station before getting on the road...celebrating 25-26 weeks.
Just realized John hasn't uploaded the belly shot from Union Station. So....BOOM from me to you.

Here is the updated pic!

What did Jude do you ask? Just bounced to the beat of his own drum and enjoyed "coffee" and snacks. 
Tons of play time with the grandparents!

Thank you M&P for a wonderful trip. We got to shop, eat, listen to music, sleep in, visit with relatives, celebrate Lucy with some pink gifts and let Jude be a crazy grandchild. And yet pics of Mamaw, Papaw and Jude. We've got to hire a personal photographer to follow us around!!! xoxo

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