Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Jude

Has is really been 3 years since this little boy came into our lives? I cannot believe it, but it is true. He makes everyday a joy (even the challenging ones) and makes us laugh all the time. So what else would we do than throw him a birthday party with his best friends at Little Giggles. This indoor play land was perfect and the staff went above and beyond our expectations to make the day easy and enjoyable. Thanks so much to Little Giggles, friends and family for celebrating our little man......and of course the wonderful gifts. He is spoiled rotten by all of you!!

We celebrated with family over the holidays. Here are some pics of Mamaw and Jude's shared birthday cake since they are so close together. Papaw wrote him a wonderful birthday poem, among many other gifts he got that evening! He also got some really sweet Curious George gifts from Grandma Teresa, clothes and new sheets from Gigi, a new Toy Story blanket from Great Grandpa and Grandma Menk, Curious George goodies from Aunt Nessa, a superman shirt and ice cream cash from the Dutton's, plus tons of awesome cards with more mad money. Thank you so much!

Welcome to Little Giggles. This place is so much fun. Get ready for a lot of cool kid pics.

Dress up is crucial to having fund!

The parents...trying to behave.

This part I call "Welcome to the Thunderdome" - 

Hi, I'm Jude. Thanks for coming to my birthday. Now let the battles begin:

There can only be one highlander!

Some people just can't help themselves. I think they battled the kids first...and the kids won.

Curious George themed party. Thanks for monkeying around with us!

We also celebrated with balloons and ice cream after dinner on Jude's actual birthday. It wouldn't have been complete with the Cam man!

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