Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day, Happy 6 Months

We're in the home stretch! Tuesday we had our 6 month checkup and Lucy girl is doing just fine. I'll be doing my orange drink test in the next couple weeks, but other than news is good news for baby girl. Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm all caught up, mommy gained 7 pounds in a month (WHAT?!).  I'm sure it's mostly baby and muscle from Jillian DVD's - not the sweet treats I must have after every meal. Got to be!

 24 week belly. I will dominate you orange drink!!!

Lucky for us, we've celebrated Valentine's Day all week. Wednesday evening, John surprised me with reservations at the Petit Bistro while the Post's watched Jude. It was fabulous. We'll be going back, if not for the creme brûlée alone.

Jude and I went to Crystal Bridges for Preschool Playdate Thursday for some Valentine fun. It's a free event once a month and we really enjoy it. This time we listened to some music, made some valentine's and decorated our own cookies. Jude even put butterflies on my cookie for Lucy....his "little girl".

Icing, sprinkles, success.

My valentine from Jude. This makes me so happy.

Evening Snack...Valentine's Eve right?

Valentine's Day may have been the best though. Daddy grabbed his computer from work early in the morning and brought home flowers, chocolates and kaopectate for me. Yes, he worked from home to spend the day with his family. Sweet man!! Oh the diarrhea medicine you ask? I celebrated Valentine's Day starting at 1:00am in the bathroom. It must have been those cookies:) So daddy was up all night with me and helped all day with Jude so I could rest. It made for the most memorable Valentine's Day John and I have spent together....and this was our 10th if you can believe it!!!!

To all of Jude's friends, we are sorry you didn't get your vday cards. Jude picked out Angry Bird cards and suckers for all his buddies and unfortunately I didn't think leaving the house to hand them out was a good idea. It's possible you may get this surprise in your mailbox!

Valentine's goodies, including lovely cards from Mamaw and Papaw. And Gas-X.

Baking smiley face heart cookies with daddy.

I love you so much John and Jude Bennet. You make these fun little holidays so special. xoxo

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