Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tigger

Happy Halloween! Tis the season for dressing up like Ghouls, Goblins, Dragons and yes, sometimes even a Pregnant Treasure Troll. This year was all about Jude though.

There have been a lot of firsts, lately. First piece of pizza, first chicken nugget, first bites of hamburger, and now first Halloween. Still not quite ready to take on a big piece of candy all by himself, but Mom and Dad are fine helping out with that, so we took a nice long walk down Monroe Street last night and knocked on a few doors.

It was our first Halloween walking the streets for candy instead of crowding the bars for booze. In their own way, each of those scenarios is a lot of fun, but like we said, this year was all about Jude.

There were actually a ton of kids and parents out, another great surprise our the neighborhood we've really grown to love. Lots of young families with lots of young kids. There were plenty kids strollin' down the street instead of walking, just like Jude, but we dare to say none as handsome :).

 Ready to hit the road and snag some candy....but first a stop in the park


 You may notice the this Dragon has a bit of a Tiger lining....more on that later

 First stop! Jude made out pretty good. Skittles and a sucker!

Pretty good luck with stops two and three, and then back home for a pit stop at Neil and Sidney's

Few people know this, but Dragons shed their skin each Halloween at 7pm to reveal another layer of amazingness. This Dragon happens to be the rarest of them all; the elusive Tiger Dragon

 Or should I say....Tigger Dragon

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