Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby Travel Tips

As a follow up to the Family Vacation Post, just wanted to share some of the travel tips that we were advised on and came up with on our own. These would be mainly for kids one year and younger.

Travel Tips for Baby:
  1. Check your carseat (it's free)
  2. If you'd rather not haul a carseat to the airport, Rental car places will rent them out to you
  3. Check your bags. It's expensive on some airlines, but you're going to be carrying a lot of crap. The less you are lugging on your shoulders and/or behind you through security and the airport, the better.
  4. If your babe isn't too big yet, throw him in the Bjorn and walk through security that way. They'll just use the wand on you and you won't have to worry about your stroller.
  5. If you bring a stroller, use an umbrella stroller. Much easier to get around, fold up, etc.
  6. Gate check your stroller if you need it to get the baby to your gate
  7. Pack lots of snacks, in separate baggies. We brought a lot of Cheerios, but also fresh fruit we had cut up ahead of time. 
  8. Have baby sucking on his pacifier or eating a bottle upon takeoff and landing if possible. It helps with the ear popping
  9. Bring a bottle of water on board (you'll have to buy it in the airport after security). You never know when you'll need it.
  10. Having the middle and aisle seats was the best for our situation. You have to watch out for the beverage cart, but his feet could dangle over the aisle a little, and we were able to avoid bothering the person in the window seat. It's also easier to go to the bathroom for diaper changes. Once he's a bit older though, the window seat will probably be a must
*if your child is a bit older, some iPad apps they might enjoy are:
  • SoundTouch
  • I Hear Ewe
  • Baby Aqua
  • Color & Draw (John likes this one himself)

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