Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spinnin' the Spinner

As we all know, Jude loves his Jumparoo, and has since he was about two months old. But as he's gotten bigger he's discovered that the Jumparoo has more to offer than just bouncing uncontrollably up and down for hours on end. There are purple rhino's, dangling monkey's, and yes, a clear plastic spinning cylinder with an alligator on the inside.

The latter seems to have become Jude's favorite. When he's not trying to jump out of his seat and onto the floor, he's staring at this plastic alligator cylinder, and spinning it with his thumb. It's adorable and pretty hilarious to watch him flick that thing over and over again. Not sure if this is an indicator of what is to come, but perhaps he'll be a professional Golden Tee player!?

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