Monday, October 24, 2011

JB & JG, BFF's

I know, I know, the term 'BFF' gets thrown around A LOT. Especially when you get two babies together, they have to be "besties", right? Well, whatever you call it, seeing a couple of cuties like this together could even get Ken Griggs to smile (for those who don't know Ken, imagine a ginger haired Ebenezer Scrooge).

Thanks to the Girdlers for making time to swing by on their Saturday family trip to Brookfield Zoo. Always great to hang out with Brian, Brynn and little Jacob. The last time they visited, Jacob wasn't crawling and Jude couldn't even hold his head up. Man, time is flying...


 NOW you do that? 
It's easy, just put your feet under you, and stand up.
Man that looks good
Dad, can I have one? 
Pretty sure Brian was doing one of his many impressions here. Jude is impressed.

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