Sunday, October 23, 2011

Covered Bridge Festival 2011

It's that time of year again. The air is crisp and so are the apples. The leaves are falling as fast as the temperature, and the thought of (gulp) Winter is not far away. Fall brings a lot of great things along with it; Bears Football, Blackhawks Hockey, and (this year anyway) another World Series appearance by the St. Louis Cardinals.

Fall is great, but nothing quite compares to a weekend in rural (very rural) Indiana for the Covered Bridge Festival. This year marks our 5th year going as a couple, but for Ashleigh and her family, it's been an annual trip since childhood.

If you've never been to the Covered Bridge Festival, allow me to summarize; camping, Fall colors, fried foods, painted snowmen, funny belt buckles, more fried food, knockoff designer handbags, clothes made for dogs, lots of things made out of wood, and yes, even the occasional covered bridge.

It's a long two days of walking and eating, but it's always great to be outdoors in the cool air. Plus, anywhere that it's socially acceptable to eat a ribeye steak sandwich before 10 a.m. is OK with me.

This year's weather was fantastic, albeit a bit windy. Jude enjoyed the great outdoors, despite getting over a little sniffle. He slept pretty good both nights, and when it got chilly, snuggled with mom and dad in bed. Thanks to Kim and Richard for showing us another great time in the backwoods of Indy. You really know how to show us a great time....and cook a mean HUGE marshmallow s'more. We'll see you next year!

Day 1: In the parking lot getting ready to head into the madness

Jude modeling the new Giraffe hat MaMaw got him, and Ash getting the campsite ready

Our humble abode for the weekend, and a slightly worn sign greeting us

Jude had mixed emotions about the leaves. He was a bit scared at first, but then jumped right in

The bridge and barn in Bridgeton, IN (clever name I know), and Jude enjoying the green grass

Above and below are some family pics we took below the bridge. What a beautiful day!

Some of the fine products for sale at this lovely festival. Belt buckles expressing your political and/or personal outlook on life, as well as silverware turned into windchimes. What's not to love!?

Jude hitching a ride through the woods, and then enjoying the campfire 

Just when you thought he couldn't get any cuter......

And a special Happy Birthday to PaPaw Richard!!!

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