Monday, October 3, 2011

Music to Our Ears

Probably the best $20 we spent in Mexico was on a tiny little guitar for Jude. Whenever I (John) play at home Jude will crawl close and likes to reach up and hit the front with his hand, like a little drummer boy. He loves the sounds a guitar makes, and whenever we leave our door open, the first thing he does is crawl for my guitar stand.

So the other day I finally gave him his new present. His eyes lit up and he seems to really like it. At first there was a lot of slapping and shaking the MBG (Mexican baby guitar). He wasn't getting too much sound out of it, as you might guess. And then this morning, with Aunt Nessa supporting him, he laid down a few tasty licks. Perhaps a taste of what's to come down the road (multi millionaire recording artist Jude Bennet. Too soon?).

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