Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This could be the beginning....

...of a Beautiful Friendship.

Last Saturday we spent the afternoon/evening with our friends the Springer's. Adam is John's co-worker and Summer softball teammate. He and his wife Shawna welcomed their baby girl Addison about six weeks before Jude came along, and it seemed only fitting we get them together for their first (play) date!

As Adam put it; "this is their first date, we're just the chaperone's"

So, we hit up the new brewpub down the street, knocked back a few IPA's and headed home for games, margarita's and socializing.

The Springer's are also proud owners of a Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Margarita machine. They transported this beautiful machine to our place on Saturday and we put it right to work. We had a great evening catching up and talking babies. And of course, Neil and Sidney made a cameo appearance to make the night complete.

 Addison and Jude getting caught up
 Jude giving Addison the ol' Wink Wink        And the new mama's having a Marg
 The proud papa's ...................................and the happy babies
Feeding in action. Just a couple of kids feeding their beautiful babies

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  1. Looks like some tasty Margaritas...More tequila the better!