Thursday, February 17, 2011

And We're Back!

For the several (and perhaps dozens) of people who periodically check our Blog; sorry it's been so long since our last update. The White Stripes broke up a couple of weeks ago and I'm in mourning. Thanks for understanding.......Anyway......

Jude's one month appointment was this afternoon, and he passed with flying colors. He's grown an inch and a half since our one week appointment, and he's gained two pounds.

Current Height: 20.5"
Current Weight: 9lbs 11oz

The weight gain was no surprise. This kid is sucking down milk like a baby goat. He's got a perma milk mustache and seems to be perfectly fine with a liquid diet.  Also not a surprise; the short amount of time it takes to go from the mouth hole to the B-hole. I went on a liquid diet once and I couldn't get 50 feet from the bathroom.

The height gain was a bit more of a surprise for us. As Bennet's we have to acknowledge that height is not our strong suit. However, he's in the high percentile for height right now, so I figure if we can get his self esteem up early, it won't affect him later on when he peaks at 5' 6".

He also had to get his second hepatitis B shot today, so he's pretty much in the clear for that. I don't know how predominate Hep C is, but I figure as long as we keep him away from Pamela Anderson, we'll be OK.

All in all, the baby is great. At times it feels like we may slip into a netherworld from sleep deprivation, but it comes with the territory. Thanks to the book "Happiest Baby on the Block" and the 5 S's we have more good days than bad. 
I'm as happy as the smiley on my pacifier!

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