Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bringing up a Girdler Chicago

Last weekend we had some good friends come up and hang out with us in Chi town. The visit was great for two reasons; we had not seen them for a long time, and we hadn't yet met their 5 month old baby boy.

Brian, Brynn and Jacob rolled up from Bloomington/Normal last Saturday and we crammed as much fun and excitement into a day and a half as we could. This is the same Brian, Brynn and Jacob whose blog we follow (link to the right). We hit a couple of our favorite spots and got to catch up on lost time. Their baby, Jacob, is all smiles and if ever there was a dad-baby lookalike contest, these two should enter.

We did some shopping on North Avenue first thing. The stroller AND Baby Bjorn came out for the first time, and both worked great! I have to say that this was definitely one of the more surreal moments of my still very young fatherhood experience. Me, walking next to Brian Girdler, each with a baby strapped to his chest. It was not that long ago when it was me, walking next to Brian Girdler, each with a 30pk of beer under our arms. Fun stuff.

We hit up the Goose Island Brewpub for dinner, then back home for cocktails and hanging out. We ordered a Giordano's pizza that night too, so they could experience the famous Chicago deep dish. 

Sunday was brunch at Crossroads Bar and Grill, our fave bar brunch in our neighborhood. We were joined by Nick DeVries, another friend and frequent All Together Now character. It was definitely a Sunday Funday, but alas, they headed home that evening after an action packed 36 hours. 

Can't wait till you guys come back up! I promise Chicago is even more fun in the summer...

 The Girdler men. In case you weren't 100% sure, Brian is the one holding Jacob in the pic on the left

The Babies together on the left, and a couple of mama's boys on the right

Jacob could not be happier to get his picture taken....Jude, not so much 

We bundled up and headed out on the town, so Jude rocked his fave hat, and the mama's relaxed when we got home 

Brynn took this pic of us standing in Old Navy when we weren't looking. Baby Bjorn; check. Starbucks for fuel; check. Vanilla Bean soda bough on an impulse; fail.

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  1. The picture of The Bennet and The Girdler men at the bottom is great. What makes it even better is the creepy old guy hanging out in the corner. It was such a good time. We really can't wait to do it again! I went to work yesterday and wished I was at the Crossroads enjoying the Feast of All Feasts for only $8.99.