Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Will Jude's Middle Name Be?

We still haven't decided on a middle name for Baby JB yet. As you know, middle names are important, because when you're really mad at someone you use their middle name. My mom has called me JOHN NATHAN BENNET more than a few times, and never with a smile.

For the most part, we've been tossing around the same 4 or 5 names for about 6 months. We do like some of these names more than others, but we're not saying which ones. Since we're having such a hard time with it, we figure we'd let our friends and family weigh in on the subject.

Choose your favorite name in the Poll to the right......ONE VOTE ONLY PLEASE :)

So what do you think is a good, strong middle name for Jude? Here is your chance to pick! The poll will be up for 7 days. At the end of one week, we'll see what those closest to us have chosen for Jude's middle name.

FYI - this poll is not actually determining what Jude's middle name will be, we're leaving that up to the magic 8 ball and Ashleigh's Psychic.


  1. Otis. This way you can call him Job for short. It's biblical.

  2. Alexander or Austin-Brynn

  3. I liked Austin but Ash vetoed it! My sister snagged Alexander with her baby just a couple months ago! - John

  4. HARRISON! How am I the only one who voted for that?
    It's perfect. ANOTHER BEATLE! Makes sense!

  5. Aunt Nessa loves Ashton! Such a cute name!

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