Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's BaltiMORE not BaltiLESS

A couple weeks ago we took a little weekend trip to Baltimore to visit our friends Jordan and Kerri. What a great time! We had some great food (yes, crabcakes too) checked out some great old pubs, did some shopping, took a daytrip to Annapolis, and played some football in the street. What more could you ask for?

John's favorite part was visiting all the old pubs and eateries in Annapolis and Baltimore, including the pub where Edgar Allen Poe used to hang out in the 1800's. It's called "The Horse You Came in On", and is on a cobblestone street in Baltimore. Ash loved the trip to Annapolis, visiting the shops, seeing the ocean and taking pictures and video of John and Jordan being drunken idiots, just like old times.

All in all, it was a great way to spend our last getaway before Baby JB makes an appearance. Thanks Jordan and Kerri for a great time, can't wait to make it back to the East Coast!
The Capital in Annapolis, MD
Middleton Tavern, great fish and chips, and as you can see, it's been around for a few years.
Cool shot of a shop in Annapolis with the Capitol in the background
This sad looking building is actually the Sailing Hall of Fame. I don't know one gets into the Sailing Hall of Fame, but as Jordan put it; "Imagine getting a letter that says you're being inducted into the Sailing Hall of Fame, then you show up for the induction and it's this place." waah waaah.
Got to the bay right before sunset. Annapolis is really a cool old city.
Little Ice Cream for Mamma.
The fun begins....this was at the Edgar Allen Poe pub.
Possibly the best picture Jordan and I have ever taken. There is  a story behind every picture, and this one is no different. Unfortunately, because Jordan may run for political office someday, that story will not be published here, nor will the video that we have of the Infamous Grapefruit Incident of 2010.
The group at a nice dinner at Pazo in Baltimore Saturday night.
And Lastly; here's a video of the harbor at Annapolis. What a beautiful place and a beautiful day!

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