Thursday, November 4, 2010

JB's Workshop is Officially Closed for Business

So...Ashleigh's co-worker and friend Aisha was kind enough to give us a fantastic set of nursery furniture. Complete with crib, dresser and another storage cabinet, it's a fantastic set that saved us a TON of money. Needless to say, it was slightly used and had some nics and dings, but was solid and worth restoring.

We decided to bring it from a light, Pine colored wood to a vibrant Black! We lucked out at Home Depot because they had a gallon of "oops" paint they had mistakenly mixed....and it was Black, the exact kind we needed....for $5! One orbital sander and a butt-load of sandpaper later, we walked out of there ready to go.

And so I sanded....and sanded.....and sanded.....and sanded some more. I threw on a coat of primer and three coats of black paint, and BOOM! a brand new set of nursery furniture. All in all it took several weeks worth of working for an hour of two of daylight in the evenings. Our condo is not exactly power tool project-friendly, so our balcony and occasionally the living room became JB's Workshop. Thank God for the warm Fall weather this year!

After all the work, I think it turned out pretty good and was definitely worth the trouble. If anything, it will give me something to hang over Jude's head when he's 12. "Do you have any idea what I've done for you!!!???......"
The crib was the absolute worst! Sanding and painting all those dang rungs in the middle was a nightmare!
all the sanding...sanding....sanding....aaahhhhhhhhhh
Ashleigh, doing her part :)
The workshop in action. Paint a coat, and wait........ 
......and wait......

FINALLY! Looks great with those horizontal stripes, eh!
This will be a changing table in a just a couple more months!
Should have PLENTY of storage for one little guy, right??

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