Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hot Chocolate 5/15K Race

A few weeks ago, Ashleigh convinced John to run in a 5k that was to be held November 6th. He agreed to, mainly because the goody bag that was given out included a hooded sweatshirt. There was also talk of thousands of gallons of chocolate fondue, as well as unlimited hot chocolate at the finish line. All of those promises came true, though he's not quite sure it was worth waking up at 6a.m. on a Saturday....

The race went great, the weather was actually pretty good on the lakefront. The course was amazing; we started right at Grand Park and ran down around Soldier Field and Shedd Aquarium, then all along the lakefront path for a mile or so. The skyline looked great from our angle, brining tears to our eyes. Then again, it could have been the ice cold headwind that made me cry. Our friends Nick and Brigid joined us for brunch afterwards at one of our favorite spots; Crossroads bar and grill. It was a great day all around, though by the end of the race, Mamma Bennet had made up her mind that she was hanging up the running shoes until the Spring....
Ready to Race
post-race cocktails have been replaced by post-race Starbucks. Oh, how times have changed

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