Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's Paul!

Well, the day we have been waiting for long, long time finally came. July 31st, 2011 we saw Paul McCartney and his band in concert at Wrigley Field.

A lot of people have asked us since then what we though of the show, and we keep trying to find the right words to explain. "Best Show Ever" seems to come out a lot, along with "amazing" and "incredible". We have a DVD of one of Paul's concerts from a couple years ago, and the live show is almost like somebody is blaring his live CD through a giant sound system. Amazing quality, fantastic musicianship, great showmanship and some of the greatest songs that have ever been heard by human ears.

Hey played 35 songs both nights, playing for just about 3 hours each show. Most live acts play 90 minutes, or maybe 2 hours. Paul didn't take one break, and played two encores. His voice sounded rested and youthful. He still nails every note, and pumps new energy into songs he's played a million times before. It's truly inspiring to see that level of professionalism from an artist who does this because he loves to, not because he needs the money.

Wrigley actually booked Paul for two consecutive nights, and we were lucky enough to attend both shows. There were several song changes from night one to night two, enough to keep it fresh. He opened with 'Hello Goodbye" on night one and "Magical Mystery Tour" on night two. With all the hits Paul has had throughout his career with the Beatles, Wings and solo, the setlists for Night One and Night Two were packed with a ton of hits.

So, we've seen a Beatle in person. It was great, it was epic and it was once in a lifetime. Paul McCartney turned 69 this year, so he's got plenty of good years left, but who knows how much longer he'll be touring and playing these great venues around the country. Hopefully he'll come through town again sometime soon and we can bring along Jude in person this time, not just on a t-shirt.

We posted a bunch of videos from the concerts. Here's a couple: Let it BePaperback Writer, and.....

Paul McCartney Night One, July 31st, 2011
 Posing in our shirts before the concert, and Ash on the famous bricks behind home plate at Wrigley

 The view from our seats on night one, we were on the field, section B.  Paul hits the stage and performs Hello Goodbye

 Paul plays his famous violin-looking Hofner Bass, and then switches to another famous guitar for Paperback Writer

 He spent a good amount of time at the Piano for classics like "Lady Madonna" and "Let it Be"

And of course, one of our favorites of the night...."Hey Jude". He played this psychedelic looking piano both nights, just for this song. It was truly amazing.

Night Two, August 1st, 2011
 We sported our custom t-shirts for night two (had to!), and then Paul took the stage again

 Rocking a red overcoat, Paul had even MORE energy on night two

 The entire place was quiet as he launched into "Blackbird", and then a tribute to George Harrison

 The fireworks boomed as Paul and his band tore through "Live and Let Die". And then back to the psychedelic piano for another amazing rendition of "Hey Jude"

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  1. That sounds fantastic you guys! Glad you two got to see him! and I love the shirts :)