Tuesday, August 23, 2011

7 months and growing

Summer is almost over, sigh, and we have been so busy. Jude has shown us so many exciting things about being parents. He has shown us that a long time ago we were once attractive, stay-out-late, selfish people. He has made us realize that we actually did like to sleep in, eat 3 warm meals a day, and even enjoy being dry.

There is no book for parenthood. If there was, it would describe these phenomenoms. It would also describe that no matter how early it is in the morning, a tiny smile makes 3am seem like 10am. It would quote parents when they tell you "naps are wonderful, but even though you get a break...you want that child to wake up because you miss him already". Last but not least, when did you ever think that you would become a walking advertisement for the Disney Channel? The book should explain that people will ask you to stop humming the Mickey Mouse "Hot Dog" song in your work cubicle. AND that although it does get stuck in your head, you're so excited when it comes on because only your terrible dancing will make him stop crying.

Cheers to the teething, crawling, eating everything, growing into his own character summer that we as parents are so lucky to take part of!

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