Tuesday, August 23, 2011

American English

It wouldn't be summer without a festival or 237 in Chicago. We strolled on down to one of our favorites, Retro on Roscoe, where some of our most favorite people host a small get together every year. Thanks Nick and Brigid Devries for always showing us a good time:)

But we tend to go to the festivals who have really good music. And what do you know, our favorite Beatles cover band, American English, was playing that day. So Jude needed a photo op.

The Groupies! 

Paul and George

Taking it all in. Hey Uncle Neil, we see you back there! You can tell it was a little warm from the look on Jude's face.

John, Mya (Kelly's little girl) & Lydia (Kristin's little girl). Congrats to both who will be bringing more little ones into the world again soon!
Grandma Kay Devries and the little girls. Those three are heartbreakers. And I think one might be after Jude. But which?

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