Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jude's First 5K

It had been quite some time since I actually ran 3 miles...even walked 3 miles. Max the Wonder Dog had accompanied me on a few 2 mile walk/jogs the last few weeks, so I didn't even think that I would participate (except to take photos of my fabulous team from work). But come game day, Jude was up and ready at 6:00am kick starting my day. That's when the diva came out in me and said "why wouldn't you want to say you ran a 5K race while pregnant AND finish?" Done and Done...I think Beyonce had a little something to do with the diva-tude. Plus Baby JB and I are bad to the bone!

At 9:00am the gun went off, Jude and I went on our little way singing tunes like Champion by Kanye and Sabotage by the Beastie Boys, and before I knew it.....we ran the whole thing and clocked in at 36:42! And I personally felt amazing. Plus the cheers of "Go little mamma, Go!" didn't hurt. Now if I could just exercise on a regular basis and Jude didn't want so many sweet treats.

Just the two of us (plus Kanye)...finishing the race!

Thank you Daddy and Max the Wonder Dog for coming out to support Baby JB and Mama B!

We couldn't do it without them.


  1. Great Job to all!!! Your belly is looking bigger for sure!! How waws your appointment this week? Hi Jude, Grandma loves you!! Can't wait til u can come out to play!!!!!!!! MaMaw Cash

  2. It's official; my unborn son has ran more 5K's than I have (one). So proud of both of you :).

    love, daddy