Friday, September 3, 2010

Ash's Painting Project

After 7 years of not painting anything, I finally decided to pick my brushes up again and see if I still had it. And what better way to do it, than to paint Jude a picture for his nursery. As you all know, we are avid Beatles fans (Hey Jude, Octopus's Garden, etc.) and John wanted to incorporate them into a painting. So he found this fantastic art print online and asked if I thought I could paint it. "Well....of course I can" was my answer (even if I didn't know how it would roll after being dormant for so long). But I NEVER back down from a challenge! After a couple of days and a couple of bad words, I've finished my painting project. I think there still might be a few surprising things about me that John has yet to find out.

First there was Ringo...
Proof that I did paint it:)
Then there was John...
Gorgeous George.....AND

Jude's Baby Beatles

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  1. This still makes me smile, what a talented young lady I've married :). Can't wait to see the next masterpiece you churn out!