Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunny Saturday

With the arrival of warm weather comes all the fun outdoor activities that make living in Northwest Arkansas so great! Saturday was no exception; Farmers Market, followed by the outdoor Birthday Party expo with all the local vendors and then "Touch a Truck". It was hot, but we're glad Summer is finally here. Lots of pics and lots of fun!

 panorama shot of the farmer's market on the Bentonville square. We love visiting the square! So many great restaurants and shops, and there's always something going on!

And then it was on to the Pinnacle Promenade, our outdoor shopping center in Rogers and a great spot for family events. They were hosting a family fun day featuring all the great spots in the area that specialize in Kids' Birthday parties and events. We petted baby goats, baby pigs, bounced in bounce houses and tasted some tasty treats.
 Taking a break from Bouncing

 Even mommy got in the mix with some bounce house sliding!
 "Ooooooh Daddy this cake is gooooood!"
 And daddy got to snap this picture sitting at the fountain while mommy was picking out some new sunglasses. The fun continues!!

And then it was off to "Touch a Truck" in the Target parking lot. Every truck and machine you can imagine was parked and ready for kids to climb on and in, and the horns were blasting away. Dump trucks, cement trucks, busses, bulldozers, ice cream trucks and more....
 since we live across from a school Jude LOVES to call out "Yellow Bus!" Now he gets to check one out!
 Trying on his hard hat, but that wouldn't last
 Whatcha think, Jude? 
"It's HOT, Dadda"
 Ambulance! Jude, what's an ambulance say?
 Nobody calls me chicken!!!!
 Bulldozer! It's a Caterpillar so Grandpa Menk will be happy
 More Caterpillars!
 And finally a Jude sized semi, or as Jude calls it "oooh! me-mi!"

 We finally made it back home for a quick swing session outside. I don't know where he gets the energy but if they could bottle it Redbull would be out of business in a week.
 And then this...we always talk about how Jude NEVER just falls asleep while playing or watching movies. As long as people are up, he can't seem to shut it down. Well, after that long, fun day out and about we came home and he plopped down for a quick episode of Mickey Mouse clubhouse. I stepped outside to water some plants, and when I came back in he was OUT. It was pretty clear by the position he was in that this nap sort of just snuck up on him.

What a cutie, what a Saturday!

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