Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Aunt Nessa!

Aunt Vanessa celebrated her 25th birthday weekend down south with her favorite nephew...Jude dude. We sure do miss her. Jude was with her all the time in Chicago, so when he gets a weekend every few months, it is a treat. Plus she always brings gifts! Jude loves his new pet clinic with color matching keys. He's got it down already.

We picked her up in Branson Missouri, booked a night at the Grand Country Inn and played all evening at the indoor waterpark. Let's just say Jude had a tini tiny amount of fun. This kid will only go down slides face first from now on.

This slide is pretty cool. Come on's my turn!
The ladies chasing Jude per usual.
There was a huge bucket that dropped tons of water every few minutes and it made Jude nervous.
That. Was. AWESOME.
In our hotel room wrecking the place.
May have been one of the funniest evenings. Playing the Game of Life on the IPAD on SILENT while Jude was sleeping right next to us. We all like to win pretty bad, so name calling in whispers didn't have the same may have made us laugh harder though. 
Downtown Branson before heading to Arkansas.
A memorial fountain that had a fire and water show during the Star Spangled Banner.
Nessa...I want this....please please please can you get it for me?

On our drive we found quite a few things...a castle, one lane bridge and a winery in a quiet valley.

Our fun weekend at home involved less camera time and more fun to be had fixing things. We put together are patio furniture so we could hang out on the veranda. We cooked as usual...bc Nessa and I make some pretty amazing food when we get together. AND of course a trip would not be complete with staying up late hours playing MarioKart....knock it of Donkey Kong!!!

For her last night, we got to take her out on the town in Bentonville. We went to The Hive and Press Room to celebrate. Penguins were everywhere. Then the time came to take Vanessa back to Branson...and back to Chicago. We had so much fun and can't wait for her next trip. Thanks Aunt Nessa. We love you!
Of course we stopped back by our favorite Branson hotel for more fun and water before returning home. Luckily Branson isn't too far away, so we can hop in the car for another adventure anytime.

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