Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hot Springs

We have been traveling all over the world it feels like and in the middle of our travels, Jude had an interesting segment on television (see below). However we are back to normal for the moment and I'm so excited to look back at the last couple months. Our adventures started in February with a trip to Hot Springs with GiGi!

I had been going to her Hot Springs condo for years...but college, marriage, a career and baby paused this annual trip with my Grandma. After about 10 years of not going, I was taking Jude to one of my favorite little hideaways. It's only about 3 hours from Bentonville and we got to drive through some amazing national parks. We stayed all week and enjoyed every minute with GiGi. She even booked me an hour massage for "mommy time" while her and Jude ate popcorn...Jude's favorite new snack they handed out at the guest office. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said he has popcorn once a day now. 

Thank you so much Gigi for inviting us back down to Hot Springs. I had so much fun introducing Jude to all the cool things I saw and did when I was young.

Are we there yet?

We are here at the exciting!

Ipad and this new snack called POPCORN. I'm in heaven.

 Mom...this bathtub looks old.

However, this water is nice and warm. Ahhhhhh.

Big day today. Eating my breakfast...cheese.

The Arlington downtown Hot Springs. Gigi showing us the sites.

Just hanging out where Gangsta's use to party. Al Capone who?
Gigi...can I have more snacks and we don't have to tell mom.
These actual Hot Springs are HOTTTT!!!
After sight seeing we found a delicious Mexican place down the street. And then to bed.

At the Pancake Shoppe downtown.

Hiking you say? Buckwheat Blueberry Pancakes you say? Better get to work.

These are amazing. I seriously just ate 3. Sorry for not saving you a bite Mom.

Let's do this! But I ate soooo many pancakes that you're going to need to carry me.

What the??? Bird poop...yuck!

After a long day there is nothing better than puzzles.

Did you have fun Jude? Wait for it.....Yeaaaaaaaaaah!

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