Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cozumel Mexico

We went to Mexico! John was on his blackberry for part of the trip answering Jude's emails, but we had a fantastic time. How does a 2 year old have more business than an adult?

The water was so blue and the sand was soft...when it wasn't on a volleyball court (more on that later). We stayed at the Park Royal Resort right where the cruise ships docked. They are massive! The best part however was that we could jump in and snorkel right off the resort beach. Some of the best snorkeling I've done was free on our beach. Loved it!

A huge THANK YOU to Mamaw and Papaw for traveling to Arkansas to watch little Jude dude while we were on vacation. Although they love seeing Jude, it is a lot to ask (an 8 hour car drive) and we appreciate it so much.

We woke up with a blizzard all around us and a lot of flights were cancelled. Then we got a text that Jude was on the weather channel. He was basically distracting Mother Nature with his face planting long enough for us to get onto our flight and out of the country. I love this kid!

We thankfully made it! Check in....get us a pina colada please.
Guest Services and courtyard to the beach
Take my picture! Look at that view of the cruise ships.
Where we spent most of our time.
Snack time! Plus our wine and chocolate in our room (I devoured it).
Lordy the sun feels good. However when someone tells you NOT to dive while playing should listen. John did not and about lost his foot.
Our first night in the books.
Of course we always meet the best people.

Breakfast and Cafe con Leche! We may have gotten a little too much sun our first day.
Morning view from our room.

Snorkel time!!!!
We got an amazing underwater camera that helped me capture sand dollars, sea anemone, flat fish and so much John and me just goofing around. It doesn't take much to make us happy.

More pool time.
Love him.
What the what??????? Pirate ship!

Jeep day with our newlywed friends - Chris and Jen. COCONUTS!
We got us some and they were tasty. 
Luckily my husband knows how to drive a stick shift or we wouldn't have gotten anywhere.
We stopped at so many cool places, one being Coconuts. The view was amazing.
I made sure to liberally apply sunscreen. Meet Chris, our umbrella holder. It was a bit windy.
Beach stop. Gorgeous.
Marley's! Pretty cool and relaxing man.
I could get used to this!

Our last day and we made it downtown. Mostly because I needed a pharmacy. It was a great area for shopping, food, drinks and benadryl. Let's just say my face swelled up so bad I couldn't see.
What does one do when antihistamine doesn't work? Put on your sunglasses and rock out.
There is no way I'm not going to have a good time just because I can't see.
Who else could rock these hats? Didn't think so!
My face can't even handle me right now!
This restaurant was the best! And so were these two. They didn't care I looked like the swamp man. 
After dinner drinks at the Thirsty Cougar.
I wear my sunglasses at night, so you can't, so you can't......see my puffy face!
Senor Frogs asked him to a challenge. We do not say no to challenges. 

Bye bye beautiful ocean. We'll see you again...when my swelling subsides. 

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